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Students to Choose New Name, Mascot, and Colors for Central Tech

The ESD School Board will give the stamp of approval in their meeting tonight

ERIE, Pa - Central Tech High School is getting a new name, colors, and mascot as part of the consolidation and the decision was left entirely up to the students. 

The Erie School District Administration received nearly 2,500 ballots from students at all four high schools, voicing their opinion on the rebranding of Central Tech.

The possibilities for the new name include Bayside High School, Erie United High School, Gem City High School, and Erie High School.

The mascot options include the Storms, the Titans, the Royals, and the Centaurs.

For colors, students had the choice between Carolina blue and storm grey, Carolina blue and silver, Carolina blue and black, royal purple and gold, or green and gold. 

"We wanted them to have a hand in that. We want them to build a culture at that new school, and part of it is the name."

The board is giving their final stamp of approval at the meeting tonight and the new school name will be announced tomorrow. 

The new school mascot and colors will be announced at a pep rally in June.

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