Study indicates Americans stressed over election

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ERIE, Pa. – Is the presidential race stressing you out?

Many people may feel like their lives have been infiltrated by a barrage of political attacks either on television or online.

In fact, a recent study indicates that more than half of Americans said that the prickly tone of the U.S. presidential election has caused them stress.

Experts say how those political attacks work on our psyche has something to do with how we feel about the person who is doing the attacking or the person who is being attacked.

“It may be for some segments, individuals who are attackers may delight some constituents who have that same feeling,” Dr. Scott Bea of the Cleveland Clinic said. “And so I think the person that we tend to empathize with the most, or who is in line with our view the most, is going to be favorable to us kind of no matter how they conduct themselves.”

Bea said that most brains want to go into defense-mode when they are attacked.

However, when we overly defend ourselves, it can indicate insecurity.

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