Stuff the cruiser event renews spirits

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The tradition continues to make sure every kid has a present this Christmas season.  The second annual Toys for Tots ‘Stuff the Cruiser’ event took over the parking lot outside of Toys R Us on Saturday. 

The US Marines Corps joining the effort with one goal:  stuffing as many toys, games and gadgets into a Pennsylvania State Police vehicle as possible.  One of those Marines, Simon Fry, tells us, “It feels great and everyone that comes out and helps out with it and donates a toy, I hope it gives them good feelings that they’re doing that.” 

Rico Coletta, of the Pennsylvania State Police, says, “It helps restore your faith in humanity at how many great people really are out there to come and donate time and money out of their own pockets where they could buy anything they want and they choose to buy a toy to give to a kid that they don’t even know.” 

No matter the toy, the holiday or the child, giving a little goes a long way.  

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