The price of gasoline is dropping. AAA representatives said over the last few weeks, demand for gasoline has gone down, with the exception of the Fourth of July holiday.

Preliminary data suggests the demand has gone back up. However, prices have dropped every day this week.

AAA East Central Spokesperson Lynda Lambert said drivers will still travel in July regardless of the price.

“Even though Americans have altered their driving habits due to high gas prices, they also said that it will not impact their decisions to take that summer vacation. Most people are saying that they’ll cut back in other areas so that they have the money to travel,” said Lynda Lambert, AAA East Central Spokesperson.

On July 8, 2022, the national average is $4.72 per gallon. That’s 12 cents less than one week ago.

In Pennsylvania, the average is $4.82 per gallon. That’s ten cents less than a week ago.

“Not only going back to work every day, but to go on vacation. We’re from Akron, Ohio and it’s going to be about $100 going to Niagara Falls and a $100 going back, so that’s more than twice what we spent a couple years ago,” said Charles McCall, reacting to gas prices.

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“I put all my money into my car and the groceries. There’s no money for anything else. I can’t pay the medical bills, I can’t put a new muffler on. I mean, there are some people who have a little bit money and they’re in a bubble, but most people are like me,” said Don Szejk, reacting to gas prices.