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Kathy Dammeyer said the food and hospitality have kept her coming to the Summerhouse Cafe for several years. 

“I come with friends. I come with family. It’s the kind of place you can come with anybody and feel right at home,” said Dammeyer, an Erie resident.

She’s what you’d call a regular, and her love for the all-day breakfast restaurant rubbed off on her daughter Anne Marie. 

“We’ve been coming here for so long and you sort of get to know the regulars and the wait staff,” said Anne Marie Dammeyer.

Unfortunately this family enjoyed their last meal here at 2605 Washington Avenue.

Sunday afternoon the owners Jack Eaker and Stephanie Potous-Eaker closed their doors for good, leaving some locals to look elsewhere for their go-to cup of coffee. 

“Warm friendly atmosphere and we’ve loved it. We’re gonna miss it,” said Kathy Dammeyer. 

Some customers tell us they’re willing to drive further to get that same local charm. 

“Driving to Edinboro to go to Flip is a long trip so with this place open it’d be great if they could open a second location,” said Emma Pooler, and Erie resident. 

The owners won’t be serving their typical breakfast and lunch, but they’ll continue to run Make it Fabulous Catering. 

So people won’t have to look far for their tasty food or quality customer service. 

Pooler told us she’s heartbroken her favorite place in town is closing up shop but she’s sending a big thank you to the owners. 

“Good luck and you know chase your dreams,” said Pooler. 

These customers told us the owners regularly visited the guests to check in on their food and overall experience.

The owners didn’t want to talk on camera, but they said it was an emotional day.

On their Facebook page they thanked the community for years of patronage and loyalty.

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