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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult.  So, how do you stay physically fit while picnics and parties are popping up everywhere?

Health experts say eating should be fun and enjoyable, but over eating is going to happen, especially with the Fourth of July coming up.  There are ways to enjoy, while not overdoing it.

Tiffany Schreiber, of Nutrimost, says, “The old adage is ‘don’t go hungry.’ Right. Don’t go to the picnic when you’re feeling hungry. That is so true. So, I always suggest grabbing a snack before you go because when you get to the picnic what’s going to happen? You’re going to go right for that food table.”

Health experts say to watch your portions.  Moderation is key.
Debbie Deangelo, of UPMC Hamot for Healthy Living, tells us, “The key is really balancing your splurge foods with some really nutritious, body friendly kinds of foods. When you do that, you don’t feel deprived because you’re eating some of your favorites, yet you’re also trying to manage your weight a little bit, too.”
Other tips are to bring your own dish, like a veggie tray or fruit, so you contribute a healthier choice.  Know what is in the marinades on meats, or try and choose options like chicken over a hamburger or hot dog.  also remember to stay hydrated.
Another big piece of advice when you’re at a picnic or party is to get away from the food table and participate in activities like horse shoes or cornhole.  Schreiber says, “Get away from that food table because before you know it, you keep eating and eating and eating. You’ve taken in a lot more calories than you normally would.”
Deangelo adds, “The adults are all sitting over here eating and drinking and the kids are over here playing volleyball, swimming, playing catch. The key is to really kind of switch that out. You want to make sure you’re being active, too.”
Another thing these health experts are reminding people of is if you overeat or indulge, don’t beat yourself up.  Just get back on track starting at the next meal.

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