Summit Township dormitories assessed as possible site for migrant children at U.S. and Mexico border

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Children crossing into the United States at the U.S./ Mexico border could be housed in Erie.

One local man is offering to open his business doors to the children.

The dormitories are located off Oliver Road in Summit Township and are owned and operated by Glen Renaud. Many have strong opinions on the situation on the border.

“I think it’s wonderful. It is incredibly generous of him and we need to get these kids out of the prison that they are in and get them in a safe living situation.” said Erin Sullivan.

“I feel very sorry for the people. I think our president made a very bad choice and I don’t know how he is going to control it, but I prefer it not to be in Pennsylvania.” said Sue, an Erie resident.

Summit Township supervisor Jack Lee says nothing is confirmed as of yet. Mr. Renaud told him that FEMA had requested to possibly move 600 refugees to the region and are looking for housing.

“So, at this point, our only concern is the health and welfare and well being of anybody. We can’t have an over populated building just like a school or any public building.” Lee said.

U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly says the currently is being reviewed by the Department of Health and Human Services.

“What we are doing at our office is we are going to become more active into what is going to be proposed, what is going to be offered and the children, if they do in fact come, are they going through a physical at the border.” Kelly said.

Erie Mayor Joe Schember says he hopes the children make it to Erie and find good homes.

“I really value Erie’s high level of diversity. Even compared to other U.S. cities, it’s really incredible this would increase that diversity. Hopefully, some of these children’s parents are here as well and maybe get reconnected with them.” Mayor Schember said.

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