Summit Twp hopes to attract new businesses with new loan program

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Summit Township officials are hoping to grow their economy with the help of a new loan program that’ll attract businesses to the area. 

“When you have a revolving loan in a community like that, it can have great effect on attracting businesses, helping the businesses you have already in your community to grow,” said Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper. Dahlkemper says this loan program will be managed by the Erie County Redevelopment Authority.  “A few other communities do have this type of fund, Erie city has one,” said Dahlkemper. “So I think Summit is really thinking into the future and being very progressive with their funds.”

Some Summit Township businesses say they are looking forward to more businesses coming to the area. Lori Bruno has been working at the historic Fuhrman’s Cider Mill in Summit Township for six years. “The more the merrier… hopefully causes us to have more business too,” said Bruno. Bruno says when new businesses come to the area, it boosts business for Fuhrman’s. “I think any help to a small business who’s just with entrepreneurs will be a great gift,” said Luminary Distilling owner Joel Normand. Normand opened Luminary Distilling one year ago in Summit Township.  “I think any development up in this area is great for bringing more people into the plaza, both here at Luminary, but over at Fuhrman’s and the insurance agency that’s also here.”Dahlkemper also added that the money from this fund will come from the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority. Summit Township hopes to attract business that are in the machinery, equipment and real estate industries.

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