Some movie goers in Waterford were going back in time Friday night.

Cars were lining up for the opening night at the Sunset Drive-in. 

The drive-in theater celebrated its 75th anniversary, so the owners thought it would be fitting to show the very first movie shown at the drive-in back in 1948. Which was “The Westerner” with Gary Cooper.

“The Westerner” was shown after “The Little Mermaid” and “The Boogeyman”.

“The kids come out and have a good time, you’re not confined to your seat or anything. You can get out, put your armchair out, your boombox and turn it up as loud as you can because you’re not going to disturb anybody,” said Dennis Koper, owner of the Sunset Drive-in.

Sunset Drive-in is the only drive-in theater left in the region and among the just over 300 drive-in’s left in the nation.