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The cold and rainy weather did not stop some folks from a night at the Sunset drive-in theater. Some even waited hours in line so they could get a front row parking spot.

The Sunset Drive-In is back open for the season. The double feature didn’t start until 8:30 p.m., but some say the wait is worth it. Friday night’s features consisted of: Godzilla vs. Kong and Wonder Woman 1984.

“We like dong this a lot because it gets us out of the house and it’s a little bit different than being in the theater. We can bring our own snacks, hang out together and stuff, so I like coming to the drive-in.” said Amy, a Waterford resident. She said the weather did not stop them either from visiting the Sunset Drive-In.

Despite the cold and rainy weather, some residents say they’ve waited hours in line.

“I thought about it all day and I could not wait to get out and get us some snacks and get the car packed up and get here. We obviously got here about two hours early because I wanted to be up nice and close so we were really excited.” Amy said.

“Yes, I mean, when its in your car it’s not that bad. You can have your heat on, the rain does not hit you. It does not bother me.” said John Shindledecker, a resident of Millcreek.

Dennis Koper, Co-Owner of Sunset Drive-In says people still need to wear a mask if going to the snack bar or the restroom. He says he’s excited to be back open, but there are always first day jitters.

“It’s scary because everything can break and will break and did break, and starting everything up for the first time, you don’t know what is going to happen.” Koper said.

Also, the Sunset flea market is opening on Sunday. It will run every Sunday through September.

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