Super Mario Indoor Bike Race Kicks off Preps for Lake Erie Cyclefest

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It’s all about speed for the Super Mario Indoor Bike Race.

The race was held at the Brewerie at Union Station tonight to kick off the Lake Erie Cyclefest. Hundreds of cyclists signed up to take their chance in competing against Mario Mazza.This is an event to help build awareness and prepare for the Lake Erie Cyclefest and Erie’s Blues and Jazz Festival.

“It’s a nice event to get people together to get people ready for the summer cycling season. As we know, in order to keep joints fresh and preserve them, we want to be as active as we can whether its running, bicycling or swimming. So, it’s just bringing the importance of joint health to the community,” said Jay Deimel, Orthopedic Surgeon at St Vincent Hospital.

The Lake Erie Cyclefest and Erie’s Blues and Jazz Festival takes place August second through the fifth.

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