Superintendent Polito discusses Erie School District’s future finances

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Although, the Erie School District got a major financial boost from the state in October, they are still looking for ways to generate more money. 

“We did look at a couple different scenarios where tax increases were a possibility,” said Superintendent Brian Polito. “We’re going to continue to have that discussion though the next couple of months.” Superintendent Polito says the proposed tax increase would be more to help the district stay stable in the future. 

Meanwhile, the school district is moving forward with their $80 million plan to renovate their schools, but that’s not all they plan to improve. “We haven’t refreshed our core curriculum in almost 20 years, so many of our teachers are still using books from the 1990’s,” Polito added. “So this plan will allow us to refresh all our core curriculum in those areas over the next five years.” 

As the Erie School District looks into the future, they are still hashing out the details about pay increases and other budget items. 

Pay increases being a topic that is still up in the air, but will be given thought to as the new year approaches. “Given the amount of cuts and the pay freezes that out staff has taken over past several of years, it’s certainly something we’re going to look at to remain competitive with the surrounding school districts,” said Polito. 

Superintendent Polito added that he hopes the renovations of the buildings and curriculum will encourage more parents to enroll their children into the Erie School District.

Also, on Wednesday, the school district reelected Frank Petrungar as president and John Harkins as vice president to the board for the next year.

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