Superior Court upholds a 2017 sentence for a prisoner who was originally sentenced to life

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A Meadville man’s sentence on murder charges has been upheld by the Pennsylvania Superior Court. 

George Elliot was convicted of the stabbing death of a Meadville woman, Imel Kalil, in 1975 when he was 17-years-old.  Elliot stabbed Imel Kalil to death during a burglary of her home. Elliot returned the next day and started a fire in Kalil’s home in an attempt to cover up the murder. Elliot committed the murder when he was three months shy of his 18th birthday. He was originally sentenced to life in prison.

District Attorney Schultz stated, “Judge Vardaro sentenced Elliot to 50 years to life. It was an appropriate sentence. Elliot deserved more than the 35-year mandatory minimum that was enacted by the legislature after the Miller decision. The Judge considered all of the legal factors that he was mandated to consider. Elliot was not a low IQ, low functioning maladjusted adolescent, who suffered abuse and neglect as a child who committed this murder. He was the opposite. He was an intelligent, well-adjusted individual who had a good upbringing and was almost a man when he committed this brutal murder.”

Elliot was resentenced in 2017 to 50 years to life after the US Supreme Court ruled a life sentence for someone under 18 violated the constitution’s protection against cruel and unusual punishment.  

Now, Crawford County District Attorney Francis Schultz says the Superior Court has upheld the 2017 sentence.  

Elliot is currently 61 and is eligible for parole when he is 70.

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