Supervisors approve liquor license transfer at Conneaut Lake Park

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It’s the latest move towards a fresh start. The Board of Supervisors at the Summit Township meeting in Crawford County approved the liquor license transfer at Conneaut Lake Park.

Now that the liquor license is approved, owner Todd Joseph has big plans for bringing in more money.

The owner of Conneaut Lake Park took the first steps to rebuilding the park. The Board of Supervisors at Summit Township meeting in Crawford County approved the liquor license to be transferred from Brass Mule Saloon in Meadville to Summit Township, Crawford County to be used in Conneaut Lake Park.

One neighbor that lives next to the park says he is excited for the new developments.

“I think they just want the park to get back on its feet. Hopefully, Todd has some big plans here, which it sounds like he does and I hope that it goes through.” said Mike Steinkirchner.

“I just know that he is cleaning the park up. Moving forward, I think he has a vision of having things new, cleaner, and safer for everyone involved.” said Bill Agnew.

One of the main missions of passing the liquor license for Conneaut Lake Park is to bring more money into the park.

According to owner Todd Joseph, the plan is to use the liquor license to sell alcohol in tiki bars that will be developed. The tiki bars will not only bring in more money but will also create between 20-30 new jobs to the community.

“Hopefully, it will bring business in and clientele to the area and it will be a win-win situation for everybody.” Agnew said.

“The park is a survivor, which is great. I love living here and it looks like Todd is coming through with his plan of building the beach club back up.” Steinkirchner said.

According to the owner, the tiki bars are a short-term plan to bring in money while plans are underway of rebuilding the beach club.

Conneaut Lake Park will be open starting Memorial Day Weekend.

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