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Dozens of motorcycles make their way into the Pittsburgh Inn parking lot in Millcreek Township after making stops at American Legion posts across the region.

All participating in the 5th annual Supplies for Soldiers Bike Run.

Robin Weunski, the president of the Pittsburgh Inn, sends boxes of supplies – filled with necessities, snacks and other little things – to soldiers over seas every year.

This bike run raising money so Weunski can continue to bring a little joy to those who risk their lives everyday to protect ours.

Weunski says, “Even if it’s something they really, really need the biggest thing they always say to me, knowing they’re not forgotten. They’re not reading the news, they have no idea what’s going on and they feel like they’re forgotten and getting that package tells them they’re not forgotten.”

Weusnki tells JET 24/FOX 66 around 200 riders registered for the bike run, many more people showing up to the after party.

Laurie Root one of the people in attendance.

Root’s son – Douglas Martine – is a Black Hawk helicopter pilot in the United States Army.

Martine received Weunski’s boxes while serving in Kuwait and Afghanistan.

Root says, “It’s such a great lift, you know, to get something from home, especially if there’s a note on it. Just to know that people are thinking of them.”

Also in attendance, Don King. King’s son – Corporal Jerry King – never received one of Weunski’s boxes. 

However, he did receive several boxes and messages similar to Weunski’s before losing his life while serving in Afghanistan.

King says, “That started our support in this military support and so forth. The guys get these things that they receive, and they share them. Pass them around. What they need, they take. What they don’t need, they pass around. It’s a good thing.”

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