A Supreme Court decision will give nine Erie County juvenile ‘lifers’ a chance at a new sentence.
However one well known teen killer will not be given that chance.
Judge William Cunnigham has denied a request from Andrew Wurst to try and receive a new sentence.
In April 1998, the then 14 year old Wurst was sentenced to spend 30 to 60 years in prison for the shooting death of Edinboro Middle School teacher John Gillette.
Judge Cunningham ruled that the Wurst sentence did not fit the “life without parole” standard used in the Supreme Court decision.
These nine Erie County juveniles have been offered a chance at a new sentence:
-Allen Brown
-Raynard Green
-Ricardo Noble
-Scott Shroat
-Antonio Howard
-Michael Crosby
-Neil Simpson
-James House
-Mack Hill