Supreme Court passes transgender military ban, will proceed to lower courts

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The Supreme Court today allowing a transgender military ban to go into effect.  A victory for the Trump Administration and a blow to LGBTQ activists who call the ban cruel and irrational.  

The 5-4 decision was not based on the merits of the case, but instead, will allow the ban to go forward while the lower courts decide.  The policy was first announced by the president via Twitter in 2017.

Representative Vicky Hartzler says, “We have people who cannot serve in the military with asthma and flat feet so why would we allow individuals to come in… who have these medical issues that can be very, very costly?”

At the time, LGBTQ activists protested.

“Trans people serve!”

The policy focuses on a condition known as ‘gender dysphoria,’ which is a conflict between a person’s assigned sex and the gender they identify with.

Most people diagnosed with the condition wouldn’t be allowed to serve.

Those without the condition can serve, but only if they do so according to the sex they were assigned at birth.

Transgender Soldier Sergeant Patricia King tells us, “Implementing a ban again will not stop Americans from wanting to go serve their country, and some of those Americans… happen to be transgender.”

After the court announced its decision, the Pentagon clarified its policy is not a ban on all transgender people and said they “treat all transgender persons with respect and dignity”. 

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