SWAT team called to a mobile home park in Millcreek

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Police crews and ultimately the SWAT team were stationed at the four-thousand block of West Ridge Road for nearly four hours Sunday. 

It all started around 4:00 p.m. when Millcreek Police got a call concerning a resident at the NAK Mobile Home Park.

That’s at 4065 West Ridge Road.

Police were told a resident made threats and barricaded himself inside. 

The SWAT team also responded to the call.

Officers reached out to the resident through a megaphone, asking him to step outside and let them know he’s safe.

After several hours, the resident was taken into police custody.

Some neighbors were frustrated by the situation. 

“They’ve been here trying to coax him out of his trailer since four o’clock. He’s not responding and they’re just continuously coaxing and they’re not advancing in any movements whatsoever,” said Robert Luce, an Erie resident.

The resident was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Police are not pressing charges or releasing any personal information based on his condition.

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