Swift guilty of abuse, one Erie man steps up to help more animals in need

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In Erie County court, a jury decided the fate of a man charged in an Animal Cruelty case.  41 year old Danny Swift was found guilty on five counts, including Dog Fighting and Animal Cruelty.

Swift’s sentencing will be in August.

That guilty verdict puts all 14 dogs seized in August of last year in permanent custody of the organizations who took them in.  The Anna Shelter took in 7 of the 14 dogs.  Most of the dogs are in foster homes, and will be adopted by the foster parents.  However, some cannot responsibly be adopted.  This is because they were bred and trained to kill other dogs.

Instead, officials are working with a rehabilitation organization that Michael Vick’s dogs were sent to, to see if some of the dogs can be trained as therapy dogs.
The Swift case and many others like it highlighted the need for one  man to take the oath to become a Humane Police Officer.

Eric Duckett raised his right hand and was sworn in by a judge to become a new Humane Police Officer at the Anna Shelter.

Duckett says he’s been volunteering and working at the shelter for around five years.  He says he wanted to take this extra step to help more animals.  “All over Erie County, the animals need our help. Not just me, there’s other Humane Officers in Erie. But it takes everybody to advocate for the animals, so for the love of the animals to speak for them.”

Duckett says he will also be sworn in as a Humane Officer in Crawford County sometime in the near future.

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