Swimming pool preparations have begun, and with the nice weather they are now in full swing.

But, has the chlorine shortage changed since last year?

Fontaine Glenn was live with more on how local pool companies are managing the demand.

It’s been a busy week for Colley’s Pools and Spas as to be expected with the warm temperatures. As for the chlorine shortage, the manager tells me its not back to 100%, but they are fully stocked.

Last summer, the chlorine shortage was affecting most, if not all pool supply stores. That caused stores to put a restriction on the amount customers could buy at a time.

This year, the store wasn’t able to order a specific amount but was given a full supply to start the season off, and prices are going to be much higher this year. The store manager says she has noticed up to a 50 percent price hike since last year.

“As far as your basic chemical supplies, your balancers, your algaecide, all of that are in good supply. There is a slight increase. Your biggest issues that we have faced is with chlorine. Last year it was the supply and demand, and this year we have the supply but an increase in price,” Michelle Ericson, manager, Colley’s Pools and Spas.