Students from several school districts are now out for the summer. City leaders are encouraging families to take advantage of public parks.

It’s summer break for students across the region, and there are several free city summer rec programs that begin on June 13.

It’s the last day of class for students at Erie’s Public Schools. Kids across the region are ready for summer break.

One parent playing basketball at Bayview Park with their son said that it’s important to get kids outside and keep them active.

“Come out here as a family and experience all of this. They got all the facilities for us. They got the water park. We didn’t even know they did all this down here. So this is great. Come hang out with the kids. Summertime is here, time to do father things,” said Tyshaun Tate, Visiting Bayview Park.

Community leaders said there are more than 45 public parks in the city, and kids and families are encouraged to enjoy them this summer.

Several city departments run and maintain most of the baseball fields and facilities.

Mayor Joe Schember said that he encourages city residents to use the baseball and softball fields for open play.

“We’re basically running all the baseball fields. We do contract some of the mowing out. We do some of it ourselves as well, but we do run the fields we’re trying to encourage people to use,” said Mayor Joe Schember, City of Erie.

“That would be all done through a permit, through our Parks and Recreation, and we welcome that. That’s why we have these facilities, but we also want to make sure that all of our residents can enjoy the fields and play sandlot baseball, have open play for softball and baseball,” said A.J. Antolik, Assistant Director of Public Works.

Several summer rec programs will begin on Monday June 13, including the YMCA Kids Club Summer Park and Recreation Program.

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Registration for the Rodger Young Pool Open Swim Program will open on Tuesday June 14.