The Sisters of Saint Joseph, Sisters of Mercy, and Benedictine Sisters hosted a vigil Thursday night to Take Back the Site from violence.

Family and friends gathered Thursday night to remember someone so close to their hearts.

“My sister was just so loving and she cared for her kids. It’s just sad that she left her six kids behind. said Rochelle Glover, sister of Rhonda Glover.

Rochelle Glover is the older sister to 33-year old Rhonda Glover. She was murdered on November 17th from a drive by shooter. She was sitting in the passenger seat of a car when the event occurred in the 600 block of East 13th Street

“I just want the person to know that actually did it that you hurt her kids a lot by doing that.” Glover said.

The Sisters of Saint Joseph, Sisters of Mercy, and Benedictine Sisters of Erie, came together to sing and pray to help the family.

“When there has been a horrible tragedy, when there has been violence, that memory is there. To pray with that memory and to claim this space for peace is a reclaiming.” said Sister Anne McCarthy, Benedictine Sisters of Erie.

The family says by reclaiming this site for peace is a good beginning to their healing process.

“It has helped us as far as believing in prayer, letting us know other people believe in prayer. It’s helping her soul rest a little bit better now knowing that the site has been reclaimed.” Glover said.

Rochelle Glover says she wants the violence to end and is asking people to stop and think before they do things.

Erie Police allege that 39-year old Darrell Gates opened fire into a parked car that Rhonda Glover was in.

Police also charged 21-year old Aiyanna Atkinson for driving the SUV that Darrell Gates emerged from before he allegedly shot Glover.

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