As the weather warms up, drivers are reminded to practice safety out on the roads and be aware of motorcycles.

May is “Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month” in Pennsylvania. State officials are working to promote and encourage the safe operation of all vehicles.

They’re reminding drivers to share the road, obey traffic laws and receive proper training.

Off-Road Express on Peach Street offers motorcycle safety courses. The two-week course helps people earn their Pennsylvania motorcycle driver’s license.

“It’s everybody’s responsibility to take a little time and really look twice because you can save a life. The biggest thing with a motorcycle to an automobile is they’re a little bit hard to judge the distance they are from you. If you see a motorcycle coming and you are in your car, take that extra moment and let that motorcycle pass,” said Joe Askins, vice president, Off-Road Express.

To learn about those motorcycle safety courses, check PennDOT’s website for more.