“Take what you need, be kind, and pay it forward”

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A local store is providing clothes and household items for free, no questions asked. 

Located inside the Elmwood Avenue Presbyterian Church, the Erie Free Store began serving with the mission to provide to the community.  There were simply three principles:  take what you need, be kind, and pay it forward. One year later, the store is thriving and overflowing with items.  

Kathy Schroeder, Erie Resident, tells us, “It helps me out a lot when you’ve got a family and you don’t have a lot of income. So, you have to do what you have to do. So, it’s a blessing.”

Organizer of the Free Store, Breanna Adams says, “There’s different reasons that people might need something. And it’s been really encouraging to see all of that, as well as to see all of the donations that keep coming in.”

For more information on items to donate you can visit their website or their facebook page.

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