Taking part in new hobbies during COVID-19 pandemic

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Dozens of people are continuing to keep their spirits high during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Erica Loader, an Erie resident says, “I’ve actually just started running outside. I’ve never done that before, but this gave me the opportunity to do that and Presque Isle been my happy place during this time.”

Some walkers at Presque Isle State Park are using the Spring-like temperatures as a way to get some fresh air, while safely practicing social distancing.

Hope Vick, Texas resident says, “I think it’s important even though we have social distancing to go out and still interact with people and be outside and really enjoy life instead of sitting at our house.”

It’s still important to do your part to keep you and others healthy.

“Making an environment that makes other people feel safe and I know right now not everyone does. When we go on walks and stuff we try not to interact with other people and make them feel uncomfortable when we’re doing those things,” Vick added.

Others we spoke to say this pandemic has taught them to stay positive.

Denise Whitney, an Erie resident tells us, “The only way we can think to stay positive is to have a good look out and figure it will be gone but we need to what we need to do to get through it.”

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