The great celebration of our rich maritime history is set to sail next week. This event is expected to bring in a treasure chest full of money to the area.

Tall Ships Festival starts here in Erie this upcoming week.

Organizers are excited to welcome visitors into the city.

Tall Ships is held once every three years and is a huge fundraiser for the Flagship Niagara League. They are expecting a huge turnout this year.

Due to the scheduled day trips on the ships being sold out, they’re offering a few more trips throughout the festival for passengers to enjoy.

“Just because we’ve had two years that we couldn’t do things. It doesn’t mean this shouldn’t be amazing. Our goal is to get everything, get everything out there and give our community something that they truly deserve. We deserve festivals like this. We’ve all been through hell. So let’s come out, let’s escape a little bit,” said William Sabatini, Director and Fleet Captain of Flagship Niagara League.

Tall Ships is still looking for volunteers to help with the event. If you are interested you can sign up to volunteer here.