Tattoos at Roar

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While Roar on the Shore comes and goes every year, festival goers have the option of getting something permanent to remember the occassion.  Doby’s Body Art Tattooing comes to Roar every year since its inception.  

The owner, Ron Dobinsesky, says he does around 8 other rallies a year.  He says his reputation helps more people come to his mobile shop every year at Roar on the Shore.  Dobinsesky also says they’ll do about 85 tattoos this week.

“I like to travel with my tattooing and meet new people,” says Dobinsesky.  “I have a shop in Reading, Pennsylvania, but I get to get out and play with people I wouldn’t meet normally at my tattoo shop.”

And, for those who would like a more temporary reminder of the Roar, Henna tattoos are available right next door. 

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