Tax reform protest in Titusville

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Two groups from rural communities have a message for Washington Republicans, don’t give tax breaks to the rich paid for by the middle class. 

That was the message from ‘Indivisible We Rise’ and ‘Oil Region Rising’ that was presented to the Titusville Office of Republican Congressman Glenn Thompson.  Group members fear that the president’s proposed tax reform package would benefit the wealthiest one percent, but cost those using Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

They say claims that the plan helps the middle class or low-income families are not true.  Mike Wilcox of Cochranton, PA, says, “That’s not an alternative fact that is an outright lie, but we’ve come to expect nothing else from this president”.

The office of Representative Thompson offered the following comment: 

“There is a real opportunity to challenge the status quo and simplify the tax code for low- and middle-income families, who have been struggling for a long time. The standard deduction will be doubled for joint-filers to $24,000 up from $12,700 and 82 percent living in the Fifth District file this way. I want you  to keep more of the money you earn, that’s why I support tax reform. And for the 18 percent who choose to itemize, they on average have about $21,000 in write offs – they’ll be able to take that $24,000 deduction, too. This provides an opportunity for simplification and to make the tax code more fair for all Americans.”


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