Tax returns are being accepted but IRS won’t issue tax refunds until the government shutdown is over

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One of the first things Americans think of in the beginning of they year is filing their taxes and getting a check from their refund. Rightfully so, since many of us have responsibilities towards ourselves and our families. “The IRS is shutdown but they are still accepting tax returns but the disbursement won’t happen until further notice,” said tax expert Antonia Batista.

That means we won’t get our refunds till the shutdown is over. Remember to take all necessary documents before walking in to file your taxes this includes W-2’s, Social Security Card, 1095 health form, 1099 forms, miscellaneous income, and information about your dependents. 

“Most people that claim the child tax credit, 30 million tax payers claim those and only 15 million of them file early,” said senior tax analyst Catherine Kuhn.

If your refund is delayed both Jackson Hewitt and H & R Block are offering a refund advance with a no interest loan. You can find the details about that offer on their websites.|CAMPSitelink|ADGPSitelink|KWRDh%20and%20r%20block&KeywordID=488517&gclid=Cj0KCQiApbzhBRDKARIsAIvZue9MgCUqDWdTlQ7gpeyMOGVfLCx_zjEWVoH0kYbvAsU7pAJVYYiK1swaAlH7EALw_wcB

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