Teacher successfully swims across Lake Erie for students

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An Erie man accomplished his lifelong dream of swimming across Lake Erie.

“You know my coach always told me to go for the impossible and I became a distant swimmer and I just kind of stuck with it,” said Greg Roberts. Roberts was an avid swimmer in high school and went on to swim at Edinboro University. 

Greg is one of the swimming coaches at Erie High School and he is determined to raise money for the Erie High School athletics program. “I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without high school athletics,” said Roberts. “It really set me on a course that changed my life and I’d like for more students to have that opportunity.”

Roberts set up a Go Fund Page to help raise the money for the athletics program. Some of his swim students were cheering him on as he swam to the finish line. 

“It means so much to me because he just supports us so much and the sports that we do,” said Isabella, Erie High School student. “And I feel like he really cares about us and our futures and how we do.” Roberts was also met at the finish line by his family and friends who showed up with signs and custom made shirts. 

“He is really into helping other children, the way he was helped,” said Dennis Roberts, Greg’s father. Dennis says he was anxious waiting on his son to finish the swim, but he knew Greg could do it. “He’s always loved swimming and he tries to pass that on to his students,” said Dennis Roberts.  “His students when they swim they love him.” 

If you would like more info about Greg’s GoFundMe page, you can find more info on ErieSwimming.com

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