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ERIE, Pa. — With the fate of the Erie School District looming in the hands of the state, the Erie Education Association plans to warn the public about what could happen if the district ends up in financial recovery.

The Erie School District is currently in financial watch status and awaiting a decision from the state on its recovery plan. The Erie Education Association is concerned about what would happen if the state decides to not accept the school district’s $32 million recovery plan to keep the district solvent. If they do not accept the plan, the district will go in a financial recovery status, which they say could be dangerous for the city.

The state could decide to put the Erie School District in a financial recovery status and assign a recovery officer to work with the district, a decision the Erie Education Association said would discourage families from buying homes in the city and prevent businesses from staying.

“The effects of recovery are not only damaging to the schools and to the students there but to the entire community, they have a prohibitive effect for businesses that want to move there or remain there,” Marcus Schlegel of the Pennsylvania State Education Association said. “This has far-reaching implications, none of which are good for Erie.”

State Rep. Flo Fabrizio (D-2nd District) said this concern is premature as the State Department of Education has not made a decision yet on what’s next for the district.

“Until we hear from the secretary, until we hear as how the Pennsylvania Department of Education is going to respond to the financial plan that has been submitted, I am going to wait until the secretary responds,” Fabrizio said.

Representatives from the Erie Education Association will be sharing their thoughts and handing out information to the public at the Erie School Board meeting Wednesday night. 

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