Teachers, staff within the Erie Diocese must reapply for jobs

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ERIE, Pa. — Beginning this month, principals, teachers and staff at a half dozen Catholic schools in the Erie area must reapply for their jobs.

It is all part of the Erie Catholic Diocese’s new school plan.

Creating the Erie Catholic School system is part of the diocese’s comprehensive schools plan, and that plan calls for teachers, principals and staff at several catholic schools to reapply for their jobs.

That process will begin this month according to Damon Finazzo, president of the Erie Catholic School system.

Teachers will fill out new job applications and between now and the end of April will be interview for their positions.

Finazzo said the move is because there is technically a change in employers.

Teachers now work for the Erie Catholic School system instead of the parishes and Finazzo said in order to be fair, all must reapply for their jobs.

“The last thing we would want to do is to pick and choose some and go through the interview process for others, so the best way is to give everybody equal opportunity,” Finazzo said.

Finazzo said he expects to have the interview process is done by the end of April and hiring decisions will be made in made.

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