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Millcreek Township School District Superintendent Bill Hall has a big concern on his mind recently:  maintaining the safety of every student in the school district.  But, the big question is how.

“We’ve been talking with our school board and we agree that we need to hear from our community,” Hall tells us.  That in mind, the district is releasing an online survey available for any Millcreek resident to fill out.  

The survey is just one question and the question is… “do you support having an armed presence in the school building?”

The district is proposing two or four armed district staff members who would act as first responders to an active shooter situation.  If someone does not support having an armed presence, the survey asks that they submit any ideas or suggestions.

But, there’s one thing that Hall wants to make very clear.  “We’re not talking about, ‘do you want teachers to carry guns?’ Because this is not about teachers. This is about any person who would obviously be properly trained and certified and all of that.”

School officials are not only considering an armed presence at McDowell High School, but also at their other school buildings including elementary schools.  Hall says, “We have eight others out there that we have to think about… and we have to maintain the safety for every student.”

So, what are Millcreek Township residents saying about an armed presence on school grounds?  

Ernest Bruno says, “That would be alright… that would be ok. They’d be professionals… I would agree with the school. Absolutely, that would be a good thing to do.”

Erika Moyer, Parent in the Millcreek School District, says, “Unfortunately, the way the world is today, I do support it and I have kids in the school district and I want somebody there to protect my kids.”

We also caught up with a student at McDowell, Elijah Randall, who says, “If there was an armed presence, I do think I would feel a lot safer because it’s getting pretty bad.”

There are other comments such as those who think an armed presence would be okay if they were security officers, but not teachers.  Some mentioned they think the schools should have metal detectors instead of weapons.  In the survey, if the idea is not supported, they are open to suggestions, which you can make in a comment section below the survey question.

The survey is open until March 19th and will be discussed during the next school board meeting.  

If you are a Millcreek resident, you can take the survey by clicking here.

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