Temple Anshe Hesed hosts Holocaust memorial observance

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“If we don’t remember our mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them.” That’s the message of the annual Holocaust memorial observance held at the Temple Anshe Hesed.

On Friday, the two Jewish congregations of Erie held a joint Sabbath service at Temple Anshe Hesed to observe the Holocause where six million Jews were killed by Nazi Germany during World War II.

Rabbi Robert Morais says if we don’t remember what led to millions of people being killed, we are doomed to repeat those mistakes.

“And we have seen that we throughout time and history where people have embraced this senseless hatred and had terrible results.” Rabbi Morais said.

Holocaust Memorial Day is actually on Wednesday, April 7th, but the congregations held it on Friday because it is also Passover.

Rabbi Morais says this is a good opportunity to bring the two synagogues of Erie together.

Jeff Pinski of the Jewish Community Council of Erie says they have been doing a lot of Holocaust awareness over the past ten years.

“It is so important now that so many schools are having Holocaust studies. They are having tolerance classes but also specific Holocaust studies to combat the deniers that are out there. They say that the Holocaust never happened.” Pinski said.

Over the years, the Jewish Community Council has brought in Holocaust survivors, but most have now passed away.

“It’s important that we need to keep this going and always remember, so we can always say never happen, it never happens again.” Pinski said.

Rabbi Morais says the service was unable to take place last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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