Ten million dollar settlement awarded in the murder case of Amanda Grazioli

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A ten million dollar settlement was awarded in the murder case of Amanda Grazioli.

Here is more about one of the largest reported settlements in the history of Erie County.

This civil case began three years ago. The attorney representing Amanda’s family said that John Grazioli’s life in prison sentence isn’t enough to send a message.

John Grazioli was sentenced to life in prison after murdering his wife Amanda in 2019.

Judge Domitrovich of the Erie County of the Erie County Court of Pleas approved a ten million dollar settlement.

“Mr. Grazioli had no problem pulling that trigger and killing his wife and not calling the police and going to the bar and eating the sandwich and drinking the beer,” said Adam Barrist, Attorney from Barrist Firm.

One local attorney said that it is often difficult for civil attorney’s. In this case Attorney Barrist will have to locate Mr. Grazoli’s assets.

“Any assets that are worth anything,” said John Carlson, Attorney.

John Grazolis’ time in prison is just the beginning of paying for his crime. The attorney representing Amanda’s family said that he’ll find the money.

“I am intending to file ritz of execution and levys all over the state all over the country and quite candidly all over the world. We think that that’s how far his money spans,” said Barrist.

Barrist added that this settlement sends a message.

“The next time a wealthy asset manager has a problem with his girlfriend or his wife, maybe he won’t take a gun and pull the trigger. Maybe he’ll think wait a minute I don’t want my money taken,” said Barrist.

Barrist added that if the publicity of this judgement saves one life then his office will have succeeded.

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