Ten skunks find a new home in the Erie Bayhawks’ offices

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The Erie Bayhawks are out of their offices for an unusual and smelly situation.

Wildlife experts say that ten skunks were living under a portion of the building. The smell, which was a result of the young skunks spraying more often than usual. The Erie Bayhawks president says that cleanup has begun and he and the team hope to be back in the office by the end of this week,

“A little comical…at least when you weren’t in the odor,” said Matt Bresee, president of the Erie Bayhawks. “But the story has been kind of funny to say why can’t you work in our office.”

Bresee added that while they have been out of their main offices, it still has been business as usual. “Fortunately, there’s been some great space here at the arena that we have been able to set up computers, photos, and really set up shop.” he said.

If you need to get in contact with the Erie Bayhawks, they can be reached at their regular phone number.

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