Tenants at the Holland Towers in Meadville protest and voice concerns over poor living conditions

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Residents are protesting to get the attention of the Meadville Housing Authority.

They claim that the living conditions at one Meadville housing complex are unfit.

We spoke to tenants and members of the Meadville Housing Authority.

Tenants at the Holland Towers in Meadville are protesting and voicing their concerns over poor living conditions.

“I was inconvenienced for months on end,” said Jackie Commins, Tenant at Holland Towers.

Tenants of Holland Towers in Meadville said that for about a year there has been a bed bug issue that is impacting their living conditions.

“We have been dealing with bed bugs and roaches for a number of years. I myself got bed bugs Thanksgiving and I followed all the recommendations that they asked for and I still had the bed bugs,” said Commins.

Commins said that upgrades including installing new ovens have been put on hold until the bed bugs and roaches have been eliminated.

“We can’t have furniture in any of the lobbies. We were scheduled to get new stoves and the new stoves are in storage and they tell us we can’t have them because of the bed bugs,” said Commins.

We spoke with members of the Meadville Housing Authority and they said that although the problem is complicated, they are working to address the tenants concerns.

“We went out to bid and we got a new company and our existing company which is tri county. They came in on August 30th and they’ve been doing an absolutely super job, but they’ve only been on the job since August 30th,” said John Ketcham, Housing Authority of Meadville.

In March of 2021, the housing authority had one company handling the extermination. However, this company was facing employee shortages and were unable to complete the job.

The new company, Tri County Pest Control, has been working on the problem for a month now.

“We’re finding with the consistent treatment tenants that had problems are being taken off the list that they only have to have somebody once every quarter come in and just do a maintenance treatment,” said Ketcham.

Meadville Housing Authority members said that if the bed bug problem is resolved, the furniture could be restored or possibly even renewed.

They are also looking into hiring an architect for a four million dollar renovation of the building.

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