Tens of thousands of pro-life supporters march in DC

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Tens of thousands of people from all across the country are in the nation’s capital today for an anti-abortion rally.  Participants marched from the National Mall to the Capitol, all the way to the steps of the Supreme Court. Their hope?  To convince lawmakers and courts to end abortion in America.

Missouri High School Student Grace Ulbrich says she’s marching to show her support.

“I am here to represent all the young boys and girls that didn’t get a voice before they were aborted.”

For Kansans Julie and Marc Anderson, the march is personal.

“We had a son. The doctors tried to convince us to abort him because, supposedly, he was going to have down syndrome, and he didn’t.”

Protestors are calling on lawmakers to take action.  Last year, the House passed half a dozen bills that would have outlawed or restricted abortions, but the bills died in the Senate.

Kansas Republican Congressman Dr. Roger Marshall says, “As an obstetrician, I delivered a baby a day for about 30 years on average, and I just think life is so precious.”

He says he plans to reintroduce those bills this year. 

“I am here to protect these unborn babies.”

But, Texas Republican Congressman Will Hurd says it will be difficult with a Democratic House majority. 

“Whether we are going to be able to get amendments and other bills that encourage pro-life position, we’ll see.”

President Donald Trump addressed the crowd on video and called on Congress to send him legislation to end abortion.  

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