Some questions being raised at the State Capitol after a meeting of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee this morning.

A guest invited to speak who questions the harmful effects of global warming, despite a consensus from the scientific community.

Gregory Wrightstone questions that consensus. Republicans at today’s meeting saying they were simply getting the “other side” of the climate debate, while Democrats call the whole thing a waste of time.

“Time and again, we find that the science and facts contradict what we are being told.”

That was the message delivered to the HEREC Wednesday by Greg Wrightstone, Author of ‘Inconvenient Facts,’ a book that argues that rising temperatures caused by CO2 emissions are actually helping the planet; not hurting it.

Wrightstone saying, “We don’t have too much carbon dioxide. We don’t have enough.”

Democratic Chair of the Committee, Representative Greg Vitali, saying, “I don’t think today’s hearing was particularly useful,” calling it a waste of time and questioning Chair Representative Daryl Metcalfe’s decision to invite Wrightstone.

“It’s pretty surprising when you go to Harrisburg, and you expect accomplished people to be making our laws, when you still have climate deniers. I thought we were beyond this.”

The meeting today also attended by members of the ‘Better Path Coalition,’ dressed as leprechauns and unicorns. Their message; climate change is real and time is running out.

One member, Karen Feridun, telling us, “…Climate change is far from being a myth… This is a real problem. An urgent problem. A catastrophic problem that needs to be addressed immediately. There’s not time for stuff like this.”