Terminally ill woman asking for help finding her lost dog

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The search is on for a terminally ill woman’s lost dog.

Tinkerbell went missing on August 8th and has yet to be found. This morning, Daphne Kretz is asking the community to lend a helping hand.

Samiar Nefzi was in the studio this morning after speaking with her.

Tinkerbell is a nine pound female Miniature Poodle. The two crossed paths back in January of 2018 when Kretz rescued her from a puppy mill in Union City. Now, she says her “fur baby” needs to be back home.

Kretz says she was walking Tinkerbell along West 20th Street in the 900 block when a large cat spooked the dog, which led to Tinkerbell slipping out of her collar and running away.

This led to a massive search of the dog, which was much needed help for Kretz who suffers from a terminal neurological disease called Cadasil.

The disease has disabled Kretz to the point where she can no longer work. She says Tinkerbell is all that she has.

Since Tinkerbell’s disappearance, Kretz has called area shelters with no luck, leading her to believe someone might have her.

“I am trying to keep my hope up. I do believe in god. I also know that not all our prayers are answered for reasons that we don’t always understand. I pray everyday, I just want her back. That is all that keeps going through my mind. What is my next step. As I’m running out of avenues to find her, I don’t know what to do next,” said Daphne Kretz, owner of lost dog.

If you know anything about the whereabouts of Tinkerbell you can contact Kertz at (814)-740-4440 or (814)-504-2802, as well as, the Erie Humane Society.

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