Terrorist threats lead to potential electronics ban on flights

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The Department of Homeland Security is demanding airlines around the world tighten security on all flights to the US, or risk an electronics ban.

The changes stem from concerns about explosives placed in electronic devices larger than a phone.  The new security measures will affect every airline and every flight coming into the US.  That means 280 airports, 180 airlines, 2,000 flights, and about 325,000 passengers will be impacted every single day.

Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly, explains, “I made this call based on evaluated intelligence and real concerns that I had about terrorist plotting… The US is focused on finding and stopping these threats…  Terrorists want to bring down aircraft to instill fear, disrupt our economies and undermine our way of life.”

This means the laptop ban from airports in eight countries won’t be expanded, as long as airlines follow these new security measures.  
Airlines that don’t comply could be blocked from carrying personal electronic devices into the US or face suspension of operations.

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