The 12th annual Sunset Celebration at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center

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Former Governor Tom Ridge got the chance to revisit his old stomping grounds in Erie. For Ridge, The annual Sunset Celebration at the Environmental Center is a special place overlooking a national treasure where he worked as a young man. 

“Tonight is about big plans for the future not only Presque Isle but the TREC center so I’m very excited,” said Ridge.

During President Donald Trump’s trip to Erie he spoke about bringing more sand to Presque Isle. “As a young congressmen working with my 2 senators it’s been a stop and start,” said Ridge. 

Lately, securing enough money for sand replenishment has been an ongoing problem…So has the sand erosion caused by the lake. Every year, Presque Isle beaches require 40-60 thousand cubic yards of new sand.

Ivor Knight received the environment leadership award for Pennsylvania sea grant. “It’s a terrific honor the past honorees have been people who are so dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment here,” said Knight.

It was a room filled with people who value what goes on in Presque Isle. 

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