The 25th annual Highland Games and Scottish Festival at Edinboro University

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Bag pipe music took over Edinboro University’s campus as bands, drummers, and pipers marched together. The 25th annual Highland games and Scottish festival offers students and visitors the beauty of traditions for a lifetime. 

“I love being a part of this, love being a part of the university,” Dr. Tim Thompson who is the festival director. 

Among many other competitions this year the festival has women heavy athletes competing. Cleaveland native, Janine Kuestner has been throwing now for the past 23 years. Kuestner says her ranking is in the top 20th for women throwers in the USA. She’s attending the Highland games to bring her ranking even higher. 

“I’m part Scottish too and I think it’s a history of rebels and fighters and I love being an underdog,” said Kuestner. 

The winners of the competition will get Edinboro swag and bragging rights. The festival is full of fascinating events and it truly embodies the Scottish spirit of independence. 

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