The 28th annual Jazz and Blues Festival goes virtual

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Some people have a serious case of the blues. While it looked a little different this year, folks could still watch the 28th annual Jazz and Blues Festival that is taking place this weekend.

Just like many other events that are taking place this summer, this one was held virtually.

We went live from WQLN to show where the Jazz and Blues Festival is being live streamed.

Though this isn’t the typical set up for the Jazz and Blues Festival, music artists and those tuning in at home are keeping the spirit of the festival alive.

The community is enjoying the live music virtually in order to follow social distancing protocols.

The 28th annual Jazz and Blues Festival is being live streamed from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday August 1st and Sunday August 2nd.

“We’re doing the best we can to kind of maintain the spirit of the festival and remind people that life goes on and artists are still making art and that the festival will be back next year,” said John Vanco, Artistic Director for the Jazz and Blues Festival.

The artistic director for the Jazz and Blues Festival added that the musicians won’t be able to have the same meet and greet with viewers, however the event gives them the opportunity to perform.

“We had to condense those down to a minute or two or three and so it’s been a different experience for them, but I think it’s going to be very rewarding for both the artists and the viewers,” said Vanco.

The festival is being streamed online and has it’s advantages this year. One family tuning in said that it is nice to enjoy the festival from the comfort of their own home.

“Excited to be able to be involved and have the music and have at least the atmosphere of being at the festival and we get to stay dry while still being dry while still being able to be outside which is a great advantage today,” said Collean Stumpf, Streaming Jazz and Blues Festival.

Stumpf has volunteered at the hospitality tent at previous Jazz and Blues Festivals and is also staying positive.

Stumpf said that hearing the live music is a nice change of pace from the families usual Saturday.

“Even if we don’t get to be together physically, we still get to be together in spirit and have that opportunity and the opportunity to hear live music is just such an uplifting thing for the community right now,” said Stumpf.

Her son Nathan agrees.

“I’m excited to hear some music and spend time with my family cause even though we’ve been spending a lot of time I just feel like the more quality time the better,” said Nathan Stumpf, Streaming Jazz and Blues Festival.

To tune into the Jazz and Blues Festival on either day click here.

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