The annual St. Paul’s Italian Festival and it’s legacy

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The St. Paul’s Italian Festival is more than just Spaghetti and Pasta, with out this festival the St. Paul Roman Catholic Church wouldn’t be able to survive.

Ron Divecchio has been the chairmen of the St. Paul Italian Festival for several years. According to him, the St. Paul Church has been a success because of the festival since 65 percent of the funds raised are used to sustain the church.  Organizers told us in the future just like traditions this festival will be passed down to younger generations.

One of them is Brian Ferraro who has been involved in the festival for 12 years. Around 250 families are part of the St. Paul Church.

“We’ve got a great group taken on the new generation, we’ve learned so much from the prior generation,” said Ferraro.

Organizers want the people attending to learn about the importance of friends and family when they attend the festival. For them anyone who attends the festival is Italian for the day. 

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