The conversation continues over the potential closing of Chestnut Hill Elementary

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The conversation continues over the potential closing of Chestnut Hill Elementary school. Parents and community members expressing their concerns at Monday’s Millcreek School Board meeting. 

Even one Millcreek Township resident who doesn’t have children in Chestnut Hill spoke out during the meeting. “I’m passionate about that school area, I think it’s critical to the neighborhood, it’s also critical to the township,” said Elena Salvia. 

Salvia added that closing of the school could have a negative impact on the neighborhood’s property value. “The school is a draw and people would want to live there. If that school goes away, I’m concerned that people won’t want to move into that neighborhood, so for one, we’re going to have empty homes,” she said. 

All of this concern stems from previous school board meeting minutes that indicated closing Chestnut Hill could save the district money in the future.

Millcreek Superintendent Bill Hall says there is an ad-hoc commitee looking into all the buildings and seeing how much upkeep would cost. “Maybe rightfully, they feel that they are being picked on, but the committee has looked at other scenarios that will be coming forward in some of the minutes, so again it’s part of a long term plan to try to stay ahead of a lot of contruction and renovation projects,” said Hall.    

Hall says the commitee will continue to look at all money saving options in future meetings. Again, Hall says there has not been any definite decisions to close the school.

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