The Culture ‘Club,’ it turns out, was not authorized to operate as a club, but a cyber cafe…

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The establishment where one person was fatally stabbed and two others were wounded over the weekend has been shut down.  Erie Code Enforcement Officers posting a notice in the club’s window earlier today.

An investigation regarding ‘The Culture’ was initiated after last weekend’s homicide. Code Enforcement Officers say that this shutdown comes after they found the establishment was violating its occupancy permit.

City representatives making their way to 1023 State Street shortly after 11:30 this morning to place the ‘Keep Out’ sign on the doors. 

This, after officials met earlier in the morning to discuss the purpose of the establishment. 

Manager of City Code Enforcement Andy Zimmerman explaining that the permit that was given to this location was for a cyber cafe; not a bottle club.

“When they converted to an A2 use, the bottle club; then the certificate of occupancy is no longer valid because they changed. You have to go through the proper authorization and so forth to change the occupancy.”

Officials say the business was violating both the zoning ordinance and the building code, then gave the owner of the business a chance to appeal the decision, but the owner declined.

Zimmerman further explained what would have happened if the business chose to move forward with the appeal. 

“It would probably take about a month and a half to get through the appeal process. The board would then make the decision to revoke the CO or not.”

Code enforcement officers further explained that if a club were to be a bottle club, there are certain requirements they must meet which ‘The Culture’ did not.

“One of the primary requirements for a bottle club in the city is that it has to be at least a thousand feet away from any school, church, park, playground. There are two or three venues schools and churches that are within the 1000 feet, so at that location, it would not be permitted.”

At this time, police are still investigating the stabbing.

If you know any information about the incident, you are encouraged to contact Erie Police at  (814) 870-1125.

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