The Erie City Council Meeting passed all ordinances that were on the agenda

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The fate of a grant originally given to the Erie Downtown Development Corporation is now a decision left for City Council.

Council Members met with John Persinger from EDDC to have a caucus. During that caucus members stated that they want Persinger to remain transparent with them.

Many issues were addressed at the meeting. All ordinances were passed. This included the passing of a hiring a firm to collect past due parking tickets that are above ninety days. If you don’t pay the tickets on time that fine will be gradually increased or if you’re delinquent for more than ninety days they go in collection.

Also passing was the ordinance closing and vacating portion of east 9th street immediately adjacent and west on UPMC park to create a left field entrance to UPMC park.

Also passed was a resolution authorizing the mayor to grant money to be utilized for the flagship city development owned by EDDC.

Chris Groner from the City of Erie talked to us about the match the city would have to come up with for the two and half million dollar grant.

“There’s a lot of investment going on there, so we’re still trying to identify the right piece of investment to use as a match. As of right now, it doesn’t look like we’re going to have to come up with that match out of our operating budget. I think we’re going to be able to identify some investments that have already been made,” said Chris Groner, Director of Economic and Community Development.

The ordinances regarding the parking tickets and the closing of East 9th Street will be in effect within 20 days.

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