The Erie Downtown Hotel closed due to safety concerns

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It’s still known to many as the old “Holiday Inn” on West 18th street between Peach and State. Now the Erie Downtown hotel has been closed for the time being due to safety violations. The manager of code enforcement for the city, telling us the building is considered a safety concern. “We found some violations that had concerned us so we thought it was the safest for eveyone that we posted keep out until the repairs are made,” said Andy Zimmerman.

For instance things like smoke detectors and fire alarms were not working in the facility. The community shelter services of Erie is prepared to take in three displaced families and some single folks from the hotel. “I think it’s very solvable Erie is a close knit community we care for our people our neighbors we have some space I know other shelters can convert some space, ” said executive director of community shelter services Mark Alexa. 

According to the Mayor, the main health concern was the roof leaking and the water going right into the electricity generators. The owners can still fix the hotel up but if they don’t the Mayor has an idea. “We can get some local charities together that help the homeless, right now we don’t have enough room and space for the homeless that might allow us to do it,” said the Mayor. 

The building will be closed until further notice. 

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