The Erie School Board got a close look at the financial improvement plan

Local News

The financial improvement plan presented by secretary Pedro Rivera got different reactions from the school board. Some questioning it saying it would increase taxes. “I think there was a lot of work put into this certainly there’s things that nobody wants to do,” said Superintendent Brian Polito. 

One of the suggestions made by the plan is hiring 13 new elementary and middle school “interventionists.” These would be teachers who work closely with students that struggle academically. “It’s an approved plan by the secretary and under law is becoming the road map for the district going forward,” said financial administrator Charles Zogby. 

Secretary Pedro Rivera said that a rich curriculum compliments financial stability, with this plan as a guide. 

“This is similar to what we presented in December when the initial plan came out, it includes a 2.46 % tax increase,” said Polito. Zogby says that if there are other alternatives to what he’s laid out the plan can be amended. The school board will continue to work on the budget. Polito said they’ll get the tax increase down by the final adoption on June 30th. 

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